Education (SED)LND SLOS

Download LND SLOS August 2023 PDF

Download LND SLOS August 2023 PDF


Complete equation such as

  • 4 =7 (include questions that O
    sum up to 20).
    Identify the figures like
    square, rectangle, triangle,
    circle, semi-circle and
  • Add or subtract upto 3-digit
  • numbers and 3-digit numbers
  • with carrying/borrowing of
  • tens and hundreds
  • Multiply / Divide numbers
  • within multiplication table O
  • with remainder zero.
  • Recognize and name unit
  • fractions up to 1/12
  • Read and write the time from
  • a clock in hours and minutes
  • (with five minute intervals)
  • e.g., read 8:15 as eight fifteen
  • and 8:50 as eight fifty.
Download LND SLOS August 2023 PDF
Download LND SLOS August 2023 PDF

English LND August SLOS PDF 2023


  • Articulate, identify and match
  • capital and small letters of
  • the alphabet in a series and in
  • random order.
  • Identify and change the
  • number of simple naming
  • words by adding or removing
  • “s” and “es”
  • Identify simple one/two/three
  • syllable words with correct
  • spellings.
  • Read common action words
  • and match with pictures.
  • Use is, are and am, pronouns,
  • prepposition and basic
  • punctuation.
  • Interact with text and use
  • reading strategies (while
  • reading) to locate specific
  • factual information to answer
  • in a word or two simple short
  • questions.
Download LND SLOS August 2023 PDF
Download LND SLOS August 2023 PDF

Urdu AILL LND SLOS Download PDF 2023

  • حروف تہجی کی شناخت کر سکے
  • واحد کے جمع کی شناخت کر سکیں
  • گے۔
  • حروف ، الفاظ کو جوڑ توڑ کے ساتھ
  • ا
  • لکھ سکے (حروف کی مختلف شکلوں
  • کی صورت میں)۔
  • دوحرفی، سہ حرفی اور چہار حرفی
  • ارکان الفاظ لکھ سکے.شناخت کر
  • سکیں۔
  • فاعل، فعل، مفعول کی ترتیب سمجھ
  • سکے۔
  • سادہ جملے اور ان پر مبنی عبارت
  • سمجھ کر پڑھ سکے
Download LND SLOS August 2023 PDF
Download LND SLOS August 2023 PDF

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