9th Class English Guess 2022

9th Class English Guess 2022

9th Class English Guess 2022-English Guess 9th Class 2022-9th English Guess 2022.

9th Class English Guess 2022.9






English significant conjecture papers of all leading body of Punjab get online free on this page. Applicants who were finishing that they are as yet not proficient to get English subject speculation papers, they are currently educated that surmise papers have been transferred on now you approach on it.

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Up-and-comers can download these estimate papers effectively by utilizing a straightforward connection which is given beneath. Applicants were inquiring as to whether there will be any disarray while looking through surmise papers of their board so presently we have transferred each board surmise papers independently. It is right opportunity to get those instructors surmise papers who are exporters of English language and its punctuation.

At any rate understudies simply believe that total paper will hit our from that surmise paper which they will go anyplace. Well it isn’t the implied of surmise paper. Prior to getting anything you ought to get its insight so you might know that what you really going to get or the amount it will impact on you. Surmise papers are only the possibility of significant pieces of any subject which are planned by the accomplished educators. In the event that you are getting surmise papers, it is guarantee sooner or later that you will get good grades in that subject in which you are powerless. Well it is sufficient to realize about surmise papers so presently you can go beneath where surmise papers are transferred and download any board surmise papers totally free.

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  • Chapter # 1(2,3,7)
  • Chapter # 2(1,2)
  • Chapter # 3(3,4)
  • Chapter # 4(2,3,7)
  • Chapter # 6(2,5)
  • Chapter # 7(1,3,4)
  • Chapter # 9(2,5)
  • Chapter # 11(1,2,5)
  • Chapter # 10(1,2,4)

Guess class 9th English Translation

  • Chapter # 1(3,6,9)
  • Chapter # 2(1,3)
  • Chapter # 4(2,4,7)
  • Chapter # 6(1,4)
  • Chapter # 7(4,6,10)
  • Chapter # 9(8,10)

Guess class 9th English Sentence

  • page 8(D)
  • page 16(C)
  • ‎ page 40(B)
  • page 66(D)
  • page 77(C)
  • page 98(D)

Guess class 9th English Comprehension

  • unsolved(3,4,5,8,11,13)
  • solved(2,3,4,5,9)

Guess class 9th English Summary

  • Stopping by woods on a snowy evening

Guess class 9th English Letter Guess

Letter # 3,4,5,6,8,10,12

Note : MCQs From review exercises.


  • A friend is need is a friend indeed
  • Honesty is the best policy
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Passive voice From Board Grammar Page # 167,168 Exercise

English translation Exercises 1 to 10

Paragraphs My School, My Neighbor, My Best Teacher, Picnic


Translate the following paragraph into Urdu:

Paragraph No. 1

  • The Arabs possessed a remarkable ………………. before the promulgation of Islam.

Paragraph No. 2

  • When Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) ……………remembrance of Allah Almighty.

Paragraph No. 3

  • In the fifth and sixth centuries, ………………. into the light of faith.

Paragraph No. 4

  • The period of waiting had ………………………. message of Allah Almighty.

Paragraph No. 5

  • Media helps people to ……………………. house is to switch on the television?

Paragraph No. 6

  • The preparation for this …………Zaat-un-Nataqin by the Holy Prophet (SAW)

Paragraph No. 7

  • Yes, well said. It would ………………………… you to sum up the discussion.

Paragraph No. 8

  • During the perilous journey………………. detail in accomplishing the task.

Paragraph No. 9

  • Hazrat Asma (RA) was amongst …………….. empty-handed from her doorstep.

Paragraph No. 10

  • Her grandfather, Hazrat Abu …………………covered it with a piece of cloth.

Paragraph No. 11

  • “There are many examples ……………… faith in Pakistan. It has come to stay.

Paragraph No. 12

  • Quaid-e-Azam was a man of …………………collectively and individually.”

Paragraph No.13

  • The whole journey of the ……………………. own distinctive outlook on life.”

Paragraph No. 14

  • Today the Quaid’s Pakistan is facing …………. and we are bound to succeed.”

Paragraph No. 15

  • Construction of the mosque ………………reign of his successor Mustafa

Paragraph No. 16

  • The Sultan Ahmad mosque is ………………..most popular tourist attraction.
Click Below To Download PDF 9th  English Guess-4👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Answers the Following Questions

  • What type of land Arabia is?
  • What was the condition of mankind before the holy prophet (saw)?
  • Why was the holy Quran sent in Arabic?
  • What was the first revelation? 5. How will you define patriotism?
  • What is the most important function that media performs?
  • What are the qualities of a patriot?
  • How does media provide entertainment?
  • Why was Hazrat Abu Quhaffa worried?
  • Give three reasons in support of your favorite TV program?
  • How did Hazrat Asma (RA) console her grandfather?
  • She lived a life of hardships but never swerved, comment?
  • What message do you get from the life of Hazrat Asma (RA)?
  • What is the central idea of the poem Daffodils?
  • How can we become a strong nation?
  • What was Quaid’s concept of our nation? 16. What can be the possible solution to our present problems?
  • Why Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also known as Blue Mosque?
  • Who constructed the Mosque Sophia?
  • How does the interior of the mosque look?
  • What does Royal Kiosk mean?
  • Why did the nurse ask Hira’s sister to come and talk to her?
  • Why does the speaker stop on the darkest evening of the year?
  • Describe some qualities of the personality of the nurse in the story?
  • What are the effects of drug addiction?
  • Why did the nurse say “ Where there is will, there is a way”?
  • What are the causes of drug addiction?
  • How do you define noise pollution?
  • What is the role of counseling in the prevention of drug addiction?
  • How is transport a source of noise pollution?
  • Why is noise hazardous for human health?
  • How is the use of technology causing noise pollution?
  • Who was Helen Keller?
  • What makes you feel that authoress is sad and depressed?
  • What did she want to introduce in universities and why?

English subject guess papers for 2021 students get online free. Papers are going to stat and it is probability that in the month of March your papers will start and 9th class candidate’s papers will organize in the month or April. For now you can get English subject guess papers.


9th English

Guess Paper 2022 PEA PUNJAB 

MCQ’s From review exercises.


• Ch#1(1,2,3,6,7) text 1,2,3

• Ch#2(1,2,4)text 1,3

• Ch#3(1,2,3,4) text1,2,4

• Ch#4(2,3,4,7) text1,2

• Ch#6(2,4,5) text 1

• Ch#7(1,3,4,6) text 1,4

• Ch#9(1,2,4,5) text 1

• Ch#10(1,2,4) text 1,4

• Ch#11(1,2,4,5) text1,4,5

• Ch#12(1,3,6)text 3,4

English to Urdu Translation

• Ch#1(1,3,4,6,9,10)

• Ch#2(1,2,3,5)

• Ch#3(there are two, media helps)

• Ch#4(2,4,5,7)

• Ch#6(1,2,3,4,5)

• Ch#7(4,6,8,10)

• Ch#9(1,4,6,8,9,10)

• Ch#10(3)

• Ch#11(1,4,6)

• Ch#12(2,9,11)

Make Sentences

• Ch#1,2,3

• page16(C)

• ‎page8(D)

• page40(B)

• page77(C)

• page66(D)

• page98(D)


•  Stopping by woods on a snowy evening

• Daffodils


• unsolved(3,4,5,8,11,13)

• solved(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9)


Letter # 1,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,13


• A friend is need is a friend indeed

• Honesty is the best policy

English translation 1 to 10 Exercises

Passive voice From Board Grammar Page #167,168 Exercise


English guess 9th

 class 2022

*Recite Darood Sharif (PBUH)*





lesson 1’ch#4(2’5’6)ch#6(4’5)ch#7(4’6’7’9’10)ch#10(3’5’6)ch#11(6’7’8 )


summary or stanza daffodils & stopping by woods

*Recite Darood Sharif (PBUH)*

comprehension#1 to 7’9’10’ex#4’8’11’12’13

translation urdu to english exercise

1 to 12 from ptb book grammer

verb page grammer 162’163’164

active passive page 168’169 gramer

All objective are from end of the chapters.

May Allah Bless u with good Marks Ameen.



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