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New Rule For Grant a Certificate of Domicile

New Rule For Grant a Certificate of Domicile

New Rule For Domicile to Any Person


WHEREAS it is expedient further to attend the Pakistun Citizenship Act, (II of 1951) Hereinafter appearing:

It is here by enacted as fotlows:

Shurt tite and commencement- (1) This Act may be called the Pakistan Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2022,
(2) It shall come into force at once

2) Amendmnt of section 17.

Act It of 1951.- In the Pakistan Citizerstin Act. 1951 (1 of 1951). in sectian 17, far the wotts, “one yeat” the words, “six months” shall be suthstituted.


The Federal government upon an application being made to it in the prescribed trainer containing the prescribed particulars grant a certitficate of domicile to any person in respect of

whom satisfied that he had (orlinarily resided in Pakistan for a period of not less than one year immediatly before making of the application and has acquired a Donicile therein.

Through this Bill an amendmsent ia proposed to derease the period of residence from one year to six months for issuance of certificate of domicile to eligible person under section 17 of the Pakistan Citizensthip At, 1951.

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