PPSC Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisements Today No. 10 & 11

PPSC Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisements Today No. 10 & 11

PPSC Recruitment 2023 Latest

PPSC Jobs 2023 is the latest ad no. 10 and 11 were published in the newspaper.

If you are looking forward to PPSC Jobs in Pakistan, we have good news for you! You are in the right place.

Below are details of the vacancies and application process.

The official ad can be seen below.

We invite talented and dynamic professionals based in Punjab to apply for the latest PPSC Recruitment.

Both men and women who meet the eligibility requirements can apply.

The advertisements below each mention the age limit, qualifications, experience and address stipulated in the posting.

PPSC Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisements Today No. 10 & 11

  • Posted on: August 21, 2023
  • Last date September 1, 2023
  • Source Nawaiwaqt newspaper
  • Organization Punjab Public Service Commission
  • Number of seats 47 + 07 = 54
  • Job Location Lahore, Punjab
  • PPSC Job Vacancy Details for 2023
  • Ad number 11
  • Ad number 10
  • How do I apply to PPSC?
  • Official Advertising PPSC Jobs 2023
  • Advertisement No. 11
  • Advertisement No. 10

PPSC Job Vacancy Details for 2023

Advertisement Number 11

Post name and qualification

Number of Eligible Seats

  1. Stenographer, BOR (BS-15) Intermediate 05
  2. Stenographer (BS-15) Intermediate 03
  3. Junior Clerk (BS-11) Intermediate 08
  4. Junior Psychologist (BS-17) MA in Psychology 01
  5. Deputy Director (SLM) (BS-18) Master of Agriculture 01
  6. Statistical Surveyor in Economics (BS-16) Master of Statistics 01
  7. EADA (E&M) (BS-18) MSc in Agricultural Economics 02
  8. Webmaster (BS-17) CS/IT Master 01
  9. Assistant Professor Pediatric Gastroenterology (BS-18) MBBS, FCPS 03
  10. Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology (BS-18) MBS, FCPS 02
  11. Assistant Professor Pediatric Hematological Oncology (BS-18) MBS, FCPS 02
  12. Assistant Professor of Medicine (BS-18) MBS, FCPS 14
  13. Evaluator (BS-17) Master of Statistics 02
  14. District Zakat Officer (BS-17) Master 02

Ad Number 10

PPSC Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisements Today No. 10 & 11
PPSC Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisements Today No. 10 & 11

Post Name and Qualification

Number of Seats

  1. Assistant Professor Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation (BS-18) MBBS, FCPS 01
  2. Chief Registrar Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation (BS-18) MBBS, FCPS 02
  3. Accounting and Financial Assistant (BS-16) ACCA 01
  4. Observer (BS-17) Master 01
  5. Teaching Assistant (BS-16) BS 01
  6. Technical Assistant (BS-12) DAE/ICS 01

Vacancies Details for PPSC Jobs 2023

Ad No. 11

Sr. NoPost NameQualificationNo of Seats
1.Stenographer, BOR (BS-15)Intermediate05
2.Stenographer (BS-15)Intermediate03
3.Junior Clerk (BS-11)Intermediate08
4.Junior Psychologist (BS-17)Master in Psychology01
5.Assistant Chief (SLM) (BS-18)Master in Agriculture01
6.Economics Statistical Investigator (BS-16)Master in Statistics01
7.EADA (E&M) (BS-18)Master in Agriculture Economics02
8.Web Master (BS-17)Master in CS/IT01
9.Assistant Professor Paediatric Gastroenterology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS03
10.Assistant Professor Ophthalmology (BS-18)MBS, FCPS02
11.Assistant Professor Paediatric Haematology Oncology (BS-18)MBS, FCPS02
12.Assistant Professor Medicine (BS-18)MBS, FCPS14
13.Evaluation Officer (BS-17)Master in Statistics02
14.District Zakat Officer (BS-17)Master02

Ad No. 10

Sr. NoPost NameQualificationNo of Seats
1.Assistant Professor Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplant (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS01
2.Senior Registrar Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplant (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
3.Accounts & Finance Assistant (BS-16)ACCA01
4.Monitoring Officer (BS-17)Master01
5.Assistant (BS-16)Bachelor01
6.Technical Assistant (BS-12)DAE/ ICS01

How do I Apply to PPSC?

Apply online at the PPSC official website www.ppsc.gop.pk.

Both men and women can apply for the positions mentioned above.

Download the challan form available on the official website PPSC.

Deposit registration fee Rs.600/- any branch of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

Before applying online, please read the PPSC website for general guidelines regarding application fees, written tests, and interviews.

Candidates must be residents of Punjab.
Jobs are assigned to the territories/territories nominated by the employee.

Full-time employees of the Punjab government/federal government/quasi-governmental agencies/autonomous agencies (of equivalent size) are eligible to apply.

Candidates must provide at the interview a certificate of points earned/total points or percentages for all degrees issued by the competent authority.

CGPA is not accepted.
Information shared by anyone other than the PPSC website is not genuine. Therefore, candidates should not rely on such information.

Shorthand tests and typing and proficiency tests are only conducted in Lahore when required.
The last date to apply online for PPSC jobs is September 1, 2023.

Official Advertising PPSC Jobs 2023

Advertisement No. 11

Last Date: September 1, 2023

PPSC Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisements Today No. 10 & 11
PPSC Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisements Today No. 10 & 11

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