SBA PEC Training 2022

SBA PEC Training 2022

Training Of All Teachers, AEOs, Head Teachers About PEC SBA 2022. 




Training Of All Teachers, AEOs, Head Teachers About PEC SBA 2022. 


School-Based Assessment (SBA) 2022

As of late, the Punjab Education Commission (PEC) has given a warning with respect to the School-Based Assessments 2022. The warning contains all fundamental insights regarding the SBA 2022 for all grades (Grade 01-08). The notification incorporates an explanation that PEC held its 23 Meeting on 01 October 2021. During the gathering, PEC chose to begin the SBA 2022.




In this manner, Punjab will direct the School-Based Assessment for all grades as per the accompanying modes/strategies.

Evaluation will cover the entire educational program for grades 01-8.

For grades 01 and 02, the evaluation will be oral and comprises of goal sorts of inquiries.

For Grade 03-08, the evaluation will be composed and comprises of MCQs/Short Answers/CRQs.

The weightage for the MCQs and CQRs for grades 03-08 will be something very similar (may somewhat change among grades)

For grade 01-05 Mujslin understudies, the Nazra appraisal will be taken independently, containing 50 Marks, and Islamiat Paper will be 100 Marks.




Strict instruction for non-muslim understudies for grades 01-05 will be of 100 imprints. Notwithstanding, the foundations will compare these imprints with 150 characteristics of the Muslim understudies.

These are subtleties as per which schools will take the appraisal of understudies for a long time. Be that as it may, PEC will declare the SBA 2022 dates/plan later. In this way, make sure to visit us for every one of the most recent updates.

School Based Assessment (SBA) strategy has declared for the assessment of 2022. The PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) has given the new strategy of leading school based tests. The PEC has obvious reported the tests approaches for all open and tuition based schools in Punjab.





PEC presented the SNC (Single Nation Curriculum) schedule in all schools. They are endeavoring to carry out this prospectus in all schools. A gathering was approached October 1 and it concluded that the tests from first to eighth grade will be held in the actual school. Agreeing SBA all in true sort.


The Teacher responsibilities regarding School Based Assessment

The papers of understudies from grade one to grade eight will held in the school. The PEC has declared the bearing of School Based Assessment. The all papers will direct goal type. The educators ought to set up the youngsters as per this approach. On the off chance that educators set it up won’t be challenging for kids in SBA 2022.


The Criteria of SBA (School Based Assessment)

Entire prospectus of grade 1 to 8 as per School based appraisal 2022.

The tests SBA 2022 will be declared elementary schools grade 1 to 5 prospectus as indicated by SNC.

SBA of primary schools grade 6-8 will be from Textbook educational plan 2006.

Grade 1 and 2 Assessments might be oral. It will comprise of goal questions (MCQs, fill in the spaces, valid/misleading, Short Questions and CRQs (Constructed Response Questions)).

The evaluation for Grade 3-8 will be led in composed. It will comprise of MCQs, short inquiries and CRQs.

The substance weightage of grade 3-8 will be equivalent for MCQs and CRQs.

50 imprints from appraisal of Nazra Quran. Absolute signs of Islamiat for the Muslims =100 marks.

Morals/strict schooling 100 imprints for non-Muslims

 PEC(Punjab assessment commission) will give the thing bank of grade 1-8 for center subjects.

Thing bank grade 1-8 of subjects of Urdu, English, Computer Science, Mathematics, Gk, Science, Islamiat/Ethics, Social Studies/Geography and Computer Education.

The teachers should follow and set up the elective subjects from the given example.


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