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10th class chemistry guess Paper Punjab Boards 2023

10th Class Chemistry Guess
10th Class Chemistry Guess

10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper Punjab Boards 2023

10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Boards

Tenth class science surmise paper Punjab Sheets 2023
Tenth Class Science Surmise Papers 2023 PDF Punjab Board, Government …
I have given here the two adaptations of the estimate paper of science for the tenth class 2023. The estimate paper is both in Urdu and English medium. You can pick any variant and get great imprints in science class 10. this is Accordng to full schedule. PDF download this record underneath.

I have previously distributed the matching plans of science and all subjects of ninth class here on Zahid Notes. If you have any desire to download the conjecture paper in pdf.
Tenth class science surmise paper
tenth class material science surmise paper 2023
tenth class English estimate paper 2023
tenth class software engineering surmise paper 2023
tenth class science surmise paper 2023

10th Class Chemistry Guess
10th Class Chemistry Guess

10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper In PDF Format 2023 | Punjab Boards 👇👇👇👇

*Chemistry 10th Guess Paper 01 2023 For All Punjab Boards* 👇👇👇👇

*10th Class Chemistry Long Question*
 Dynamic equilibrium and its characteristics
 Reactions of acids
 Types of salts
 Law of mass action and equilibrium constant
 Acid and base Lewis theory
 Homologous series
 Functional groups
 Alkanes and their hylo junction
 Alkynes, alkenes and alkanes features or characteristics
 Classification of organic compounds
 Carbohydrates and their forms
 Acid rain and its effects
 Ozone and its eliminations
 Sources of proteins and their uses
 Vitamins and their types
 Greenhouse effect and Global warming
 Water hardness and its types
 Atmospheres and its layers
 Salve process and its working
 Preparation of urea.
*100% Guess Paper 10th Chemistry*

مختصر سوالات:
1)فارورڈ اور ریورسیبل ری ایکشنز میں فرق اور خصوصیات
2)ایکوی لبرین کونسٹنٹ کی اہمیت اور ری ایکشن کی سمت کی پیشین گوئی
3)کیمیکل ایکول لبریم
4)سالٹ،ایسڈ اور بیس کی تعریف ،فرق اور مثالیں
6)ایسدز ،سالٹس اور بیسز کے استعمالات
7)مثال نمبر4۔10
8)فرٹیلائزرز کی تیاری میں استعمال ہونے والےایسڈز
9)آرگینک کیمسٹری
10)مالیکیولر فارمولا،سٹرکچرل فارمولا
11)اوپن اور کلوزڈ چین کمپائونڈز
12)آئسو مرزم
13)فنکشنل گروپس
14)ہومولوگس سیریز
15)سیچوریٹڈ اور ان سیچوریٹڈ ہائڈرو کاربنز
16)الیکنز،الکِینز اور الکائنز کی تعریف ،جنرل فارمولا اور مثال
17)(الکینز)میتھین اور ایتھین کے استعمالات
18)(الکِینز)ایتھِین کے استعمالات
19)(الکائنز)ایسٹی لین کے استعمالات
20)کاربو ہائیڈریٹس اور اقسام کے متعلق سوال مثال کے طور پر گلوکوز اور فرکٹوز میں فرق وغیرہ
21)پروتینز کیا ہیں امائنو ایسڈز کو پرو ٹینز کے بلڈنگ بلاکس کیوں کہا جاتا ہے؟
22)فیٹی ایسڈز اور مثالیں
23)لپڈز کے استعمالات
24)ڈی این اے اور آر این اے میں فرق
25)فیٹ سولیوبل اور راٹر سولیوبل وٹامنز میں فرق
26)ایٹمو سفیئر اور اس کی لیئرز کے متعلق ایک سوال مثال کے طور پر اوزون کا بننا وغیرہ
27)پرائمری اور سیکنڈری پلو ٹینٹس میں فرق
28)گرین ہاؤس ایفیکٹ اور گلوبل وارمنگ اور انکے اثرات کے متعلق ایک سوال
29)ایسد رین کے اثرات
30)اوزون کے خاتمے کی بنیادی وجہ اور اثرات
31)پانی کی خصوصیات
32)پانی بطور سولیونٹ
33)سوفٹ اور ہارڈ واٹر میں فرق
34)پرمانینٹ اور ٹمپریری ہارڈ نیس میں فرق اور وجوہات کے متعلق سوال
35)بوئلر سکیلز
36)واٹر پلوشن کے اثرات
37)آلودہ پانی سے پیدا ہونے والی بیماریاں
38)منرلز اور اورز میں فرق
39)سمیلتنگ اور بیسمرائزیشن
40)گریویٹی سپریشن
42)سالوے پروسس مساوات
43)سالوے پروسس کے فوائد
44)یوریا کی تیاری کے مراحل
45)یوریا کی اہمیت
47)فریکشنل ڈسٹیلیشن
48ریزیڈیوئل آئل کی فریکشنز
*Long prepared according by scheme
15+9 long 1
16+12 long 2
10+13 long 3
*Attempt any two 18 marks*
Objective prepared exercises textbook.
/**********Best of luck********

This is a supposition paper as indicated by full schedule 2023. The understudies, everything being equal, can set up this surmise paper to get great imprints. Presently the conjecture paper 2023 is vailable in pdf. If it’s not too much trouble, click the pdf download button to get the conjecture paper in pdf.

Tenth Class Science Surmise Paper 2023 PDF Punjab board

Is it true or not that you are searching for tenth class Science surmise paper pdf 2023? Here is the Science surmise paper for the tenth class. It is ready as indicated by the most recent prospectus endorsed by the Punjab Course book Board Lahore. It incorporates terrifically significant MCQs and short and long inquiries.

10th Class Chemistry Guess Papers 02 Punjab Boards 2023 👇👇👇👇

🔥10th class chemistry important Guess Paper 2023🔥
Unit 9
🔥Important Short Questions🔥

  1. Reversible & irreversible reaction
  2. Dynamic equilibrium & Static equilibrium
  3. Law of mass action
  4. Equilibrium constant
  5. How dynamic equilibrium constant is established
  6. Relationship b/w active mass and rate of reaction
  7. How direction of a reaction can be predicted?
    🔥Important long questions:🔥
  8. What is meant by a complete & incomplete reaction? Why reactions do not go to completion?
  9. Give the macroscopic characteristics of forward reactions, reverse reactions & dynamic equilibrium.
  10. State the law of mass action and derive the expression for the equilibrium constant for a given reaction A +B>< C+D / general reaction.
  11. Explain the importance of equilibrium constant.
  12. Describe a reversible reaction with the help of an example & graph.
    Unit 10
    🔥Important Short Questions🔥
  1. Define Acid & base according to Arrhenius.
  2. Write limitations of Arrhenious concept.
  3. What is Bronsted Lowry Theory?
  4. Differentiate b/w Lewis acid & base.
  5. Why H+ ion acts as a Lewis acid?
  6. Give four uses of sulphuric acid.
  7. Define pH. What is the pH of pure water?
  8. Define pH of solution.
  9. Define indicators.
  10. What are salts? Give two examples.
  11. Give four uses of salts.
  12. Write four uses of sodium silicate, calcium chloride, calcium oxide
  13. Differentiate b/w acidic salts & basic salts.
    🔥Important long questions:🔥
  14. Compare the physical properties of acids & bases with examples.
  15. Explain the Arrhenius concept of acids & bases with examples. What are limitations of this concept?
  16. Explain Lewis concept of an acid & a base.
  17. What are indicators? How they are used to determine pH of acidic, basic and neutral solutions.
  18. Define salts. Explain their characteristics and uses of some important salts. 6. Give the application/uses of some important bases.
  19. Explain Bronsted Lowry concept of an acid and base with examples.
    Unit 11
    🔥Important Short Questions🔥
  20. Define Vital force theory.
  21. Write definition of organic compounds
  22. Define Catenation.
  1. Briefly explain molecular formula with example.
  2. Write functional group of alcohol.
  3. How coal is formed?
  4. Define functional group.
  5. What is dot & cross formula?
  6. Define open chain/acyclic compound.
  7. Define alicyclic/Non-Benzenoid compounds.
  8. Define Heterocyclic compounds with example
  9. Define isomerism. How many isomers pentane have?
    🔥Important long questions:🔥
    (Skip this part. No long question will come from this chapter in 2023)
  10. Write a note on the classification of organic compounds.
  11. Compare the general characteristics of organic & inorganic compounds.
  12. Define homologous series. Write its characteristics.
  13. Define functional group. Explain the functional group of alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acid, esters, etc.
  14. Explain the meaning of molecular formula, structural formula, condensed structural formula & electronic formula.
    Unit 12
    🔥Important Short Questions🔥
  15. Define hydrocarbons.
  16. Define open chain hydrocarbons & Closed chain hydro carbons
  17. What are Saturated & unsaturated hydrocarbons?
  18. Why alkanes are called “Paraffins”?
  19. What is meant by Hydrogenation of alkenes?
  20. Give Uses of ethane & ethane.
    🔥Important long questions:🔥
  21. Define hydrocarbons. How are they classified?
  22. Explain methods for preparation of alkanes & alkenes.
  23. Discuss physical properties of alkenes & alkynes.
  24. Write uses of ethane, ethane, methane & acetylene.
  25. Give chemical reactions of alkanes.
    Unit 13
    🔥Important Short Questions🔥
  26. Define Biochemistry.
  27. Define Polysaccharides & give their properties
  28. write Characteristics of monosaccharides
  29. Define amino acid. Give its general formula.
  30. Differentiate b/w essential & non essential amino acids.
  31. Write Sources & uses of vitamin A, Vitamin D.
  32. Carbohydrates & their uses
  33. Difference b/w ghee & oil
  34. Function of DNA
  35. Types of vitamins
  36. How you justify RNA works like a messenger?
    🔥Important long questions🔥
  37. Define monosaccharides & oligosaccharides. Give their characteristics.
  38. Give uses and sources of carbohydrates.
  39. Define amino acid. Explain how are they building blocks of proteins?
  40. Explain the sources & uses of proteins & lipids.
  41. Define vitamins. Discuss the types, sources, uses & importance of vitamins. Also write the effects of deficiency of vitamins.
  42. What are carbohydrates? How monosaccharides are prepared?
    Unit 14
    🔥Important Short Questions🔥
  43. Atmosphere & its spheres
  44. Diff. b/w atmosphere & environment
  45. Name the major constituents of troposphere
  46. Define pollutants. Differentiate b/w primary & secondary pollutants.
  47. Green house effect
  48. Global warming & its effects
  49. Why CO2 is called green house gas?
  50. CO2 is responsible for heating up atmosphere, how?
  51. Effects of acid rain
  52. Define Ozone hole & where was it notices first?
  53. Effects of ozone depletion
  54. Where the ozone layer is found?
  55. How acid rain increase the acidity of soil?
  56. Why CO is considered a health hazard?
  57. How sulphur containing compound are emitted naturally?
    Unit 15
    🔥Important Short Questions🔥
  58. How water rises in plants?
  59. Four properties of water
  60. Define capillary action
  1. Why the water molecule is polar?
  2. Soft water & hard water
  3. How temporary hardness of water can be removed by Clark’s method?
  4. Define boiler scales. How are they removed?
  5. Why are pesticides & fertilizers used?
  6. Why non-polar compounds are insoluble in water?
  7. How water rises in plants?
  8. Disadvantages of detergents.
  9. Name some water borne diseases.
  10. Define Fluorosis.
    🔥Important Long Questions🔥
  11. Causes of hardness in water and methods to remove hardness
  12. Industrial effluents and their effects
  13. Effects of water pollution
  14. Write a note on waterborn diseases
    Unit 16
    🔥Important Short Questions🔥
  15. Define metallurgy.
  16. Difference b/w Minerals & Ores.
  17. State gravity separation
  18. Electromagnetic separation
  19. Define Roasting. How is it carried out?
  20. Raw materials of Solvey’s process
  21. Advantages of Solvey’s process
  22. Petroleum
  23. Formation of petroleum
  24. How roasting is carried out?
  25. Difference b/w crude oil & residual oil
  26. Difference b/w diesel oil & fuel oil.
  27. Which raw material are used in the manufacturing of urea?
  28. How NaHCO3 is converted in Na2CO3?
    🔥Important Long Questions🔥
  29. Electromegnatic separation (Smelting, bessemerization)
  30. Manufacture of sodium carbonate by Solvay’s process (reactions, advantages)
  31. Process of manufacture of Urea (3 basic steps)

Class 10th Chemistry Guess Paper 03 2023 Download In PDF Format 👇👇👇

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Class 10th Chemistry Guess Paper


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