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FAO Internship program 2023 Without IELTS ($700 Stipend)

FAO Internship Program 2023
FAO Internship Program 2023

FAO Internship program 2023 Without IELTS ($700 Stipend)

FAO Internship 2023 without IELTS ($700 scholarship)

The FAO Internship Program is now open. Apply for FAO Internship 2023 without IELTS. As an interns which you will receive a monthly stipend of $700 every month. All interns will receive this scholarship for the duration of the internship program. The duration of this (FAO) internship is 3 to 11 months.

About FAO Internship Program

FAO Internship Program 2023
FAO Internship Program 2023

So you get a monthly stipend and it’s actually quite a good amount to cover your expenses. This internship is open to more than 130 countries of the world. FAO staff under the United Nations. FAO stands for Food and Agriculture Organization. It is an international organization that focuses, works and makes efforts to overcome hunger and improve nutrition and food security. The internship will allow me to better understand the work of FAO. More information on the FAO Internship Program 2023 is provided below.

FAO Internship 2023 Details

FAO Internship Program 2023
FAO Internship Program 2023

Content. FAO Internship 2023 Details Place of internship
Who can apply? Financial benefits
Eligibility criteria

How to apply for an FAO internship?

  • Host organization: FAO
  • Location: Rome, Italy
  • Who can apply: Anyone (Bachelor, Master, PhD students)
  • Financial Coverage: Stipend $700
  • Duration: 3-11 months
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Place of internship
FAO headquarters are in Rome, Italy. So most of the internships are in Italy. However, there are other places where you can do an internship.

Who can apply?
Both men and women can apply. They can be from anywhere and can apply online.

FAO Internship is a popular program like other internships like UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF

Financial benefits
FAO supports all trainees. Benefits are:
Medical coverage related to services rendered is provided.
The duration of the FAO internship is between 3 and 11 months.
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Eligibility Criteria

Nationality : Candidates must be the  nationals of FAO members.
Education: Applicants with a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degree program or graduates can apply.
Languages: IELTS not required.
Age: They are between 21 and 30 years old at the start of the internship.
FAO also provides a volunteer program.

How to apply for an FAO internship?

FAO Internship Program 2023

All applicants must complete an online application. If you see “Call for Expressions of Interest”, it means this is a call for internships.

You must also upload a letter of motivation and proof of attendance at a recognized university. Below is a link to the official site of the FAO Internship Program.

FAO Internship Program 2023
FAO Internship Program 2023
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