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10th class Biology Guess Paper 2023-2024 Punjab boards

10th Class Biology Guess
10th Class Biology Guess

10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2023-2024 Punjab boards

Tenth Class Science Surmise Paper Punjab Sheets 2023-24
Tenth Class Science Surmise Paper 2023-24 Punjab Board
tenth Class Science Surmise Paper PDF 2023 Punjab Sheets
Here is the tenth class Science surmise paper 2023. This surmise paper is as per the most recent schedule. To download the tenth science surmise paper, if it’s not too much trouble, press the download button given toward the finish of this page. Remember to impart this post to your companions and instructors on every single social stage. 10th Class Biology Guess Paper Punjab Board 2023.

Tenth Class Science Surmise Paper 2023
This tenth Class Science surmise paper is shared by Muhammad Qadir Rafique. We are extremely thankful to him. He has been associated with educating for a long time and plans surmise papers for the understudies. His supposition papers are an assurance of progress as well as get excellent imprints in tests. The tenth class Science Surmise Paper is presented for both English Medium and Urdu Medium understudies. You can peruse this surmise paper on the web. If you have any desire to download it in PDF structure, this office is additionally given here. You can utilize the choice you need.

Surmise papers for class ninth class, tenth class, first year and second year have been transferred on this site for a long time. These estimate papers have been a lot of enjoyed by the understudies of the relative multitude of sheets of Punjab. Consistently large number of understudies breeze through the yearly tests by utilizing these estimate papers. All the credit goes to Mr. Sir Qadir Rafique who strives to get ready estimate papers for the understudies. For which we are exceptionally thankful.

10th Class Biology Guess
10th Class Biology Guess

This year additionally tenth class Science Surmise Paper 2022 has been arranged and transferred for the understudies. Ideally this year likewise this surmise paper will measure up to your assumptions and you will pass with great imprints (انشاءاللہ).

10th Class Biology English Medium Guess Paper 2023-2024 Punjab Boards 👇👇👇👇

10th class biology Important Short Questions 2023
Here are the important short questions of biology class 10th chapter wise
Unit 1:
stomata and lenticels
functions of the nasal cavity
functions of mucus
difference between respiration and breathing
what is diaphragm
symptoms of pneumonia and asthma
acute and chronic bronchitis
effects of smoking
voice box/bronchus
Unit 2
homeostasis and example
difference between osmoregulation and thermoregulation
pressure filtration
tubular secretion
glomerulus filtrate
renal cortex and renal medulla
kidney transplant
kidney stone and its symptoms
Unit 3

coordination and names of its types
spinal cord and its functions
components of coordination
difference between stimulus and receptor
difference between a reflex action and reflex arc
somatic and autonomic nervous system
myopia and hypermetropia
define hormone and endocrine system
pituitary gland and its functions
Unit 4
skeleton and endoskeleton
difference between flexer and extensor
number of bones in the axial and appendicular skeleton
types of joins
difference between tendons and ligaments
what is bone? difference between compact and spongy bone
Unit 5
reproduction and its types
multiple fission
benefits and disadvantages of vegetative propagation
pollination, self-pollination and crosss-pollination
alternation of generations
Unit 6
what is a trait
define heredity with example
co-dominance and incomplete dominance
difference between genotype and phenotype
difference between dominant and recessive allele
difference between gene and allele
artificial and natural selection
difference between homozygous and heterozygous allele
difference between translation and transcription
Unit 7

define ecology and community
define ecosystem
define mutualism with an example
what is acid rain and give its effects
predation with examples
difference between food chain and food web
difference between ecto and endoparasites
difference between nitrification and denitrification
what is symbiosis
Unit 8
What is biotechnology
single cell protien
what is fermentor and give it advantages
purposes of genetic engineering
what is recombinant DNA?
Define fermentation
alcoholic and lactic acid fermentation
Unit 9
Define pharmacology and give its relation to the pharmacy.
vaccine and vaccination
sedative and its harms
difference between analgesics and antibiotic
10th class biology important long questions 2023
Chapter 11: The osmoregulatory function of the kidney
Chapter 11: Structure and function of nephron (internal kidney) with diagram
Chapter 11: Dialysis and it’s types.
Chapter 11: Osmoregulation adaptations in plants.

Chapter 11: Difference between xerophytes and halophytes
Chapter 11: Difference between hydrophytes and xerophytes
Chapter 12: Write a note on the neuron with a diagram
Chapter 12: Structure of the human eye
Chapter 12: Write a note of forebrain
Chapter 12: Functions of lobes of the cerebrum
Chapter 12: Explain reflex arc and reflex action
Chapter 13: Cartilage and its types
Chapter 13: Type of joints
Chapter 13: Arthritis and its types
Chapter 14: Advantages and disadvantages of vegetative propagation
Chapter 14: Write a note on the reproductive system of female rabbit
Chapter 14: Conditions for germination of seed
Chapter 14: Spermatogenesis and oogenosis
Chapter 16: Nitrogen cycle
Chapter 16: Biotic elements of the ecosystem
Chapter 16: Ecological Primades and their types
Chapter 16: Carbon cycle
Chapter 17: Purposes and aims of genetic engineering
Chapter 17: Steps of genetic engineering
Chapter 17: Uses and importance of biotechnology
Chapter 17: Fermenters and their advantages
Chapter 18: Sources of drugs
Chapter 18: Drug addiction and its impacts

10th class biology guess paper 2023 English Medium Text Format for 👆👆👆

For more tenth class helping material like tenth speculation papers, Matching Plans, and notes for all Subjects click on the accompanying connections.

10th class biology guess paper Punjab Board 2023

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10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2023


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